To effectively sell your products or destination, consultants and agents need to know and understand them. With detailed knowledge on what you have to offer, agents can confidently sell your products to their clients, even if they have not personally travelled to the destination before.

Although your reps do a great job at educating, they can't be everywhere, and often don't have the luxury of time to deliver consistent, detailed information to all staff members (we know, we've been there).

Providing online training through the Travel Industry Network might be your answer.

We help you create your online training so that you can have consistent training material available to the industry 24 hours a day!

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eLearning allows consultants to learn at a pace that suits them, at a time that suits them, and provides them with a resource to reference when they need to draw on specific information. Consultants who are eager to get ahead can take your information into their own hands. They're no longer reliant on a training event or tradeshow, or the call plan of your sales team.

Your interactive online Specialist Training Program, with its strong visual and multimedia elements, will improve your ability to help consultants sell your destinations. It's never been easier!

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The Travel Industry Network will have you up and running with your own ultimate training destination in no time!

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